FDS at TAFE NSW was the first dedicated fashion design school in Sydney. Originally housed at the historic East Sydney Technical College, in 2005 the college moved to purpose built studios in the educational hub of Sydney. In 2015 a full renovation and technology upgrade makes the facility one of the best in the country.


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FDS is broadly recognised in Australia and abroad as a leader in fashion education, graduating many of Australia’s top designers including Dion Lee, Zimmermann and Akira. FDS graduates have shaped the development of the Australian fashion industry and its recognition globally.


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FDS offers a rigorous education experience designed to nurture your creative talent and provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to manage fashion design projects from original concept through to the runway show.
Being work ready is at the core of the educational experience and industry are actively involved in our curriculum, assessments and sponsored projects. Every bachelor student undertakes an internship at both Level 200 and 300.


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We focus on creative design exploration and encourage you to experiment with ideas and develop your own unique design signature. FDS graduates are known for their creativity and excellent knowledge and skills across all aspects of the fashion industry.
The school emphasises the value of the ‘makers mark’ to the designer’s signature and fosters ethical and socially responsible design practices. You will develop as a designer through active engagement with the craft of fashion.