The Dandy and the Bloomsbury garden

BFD L200 Elective brief

2018 BFD L200 elective students are to find inspiration from the Dandy’s of late 18th- and early 19th-century in Britain and The Bloomsbury Movement of England in the first half of the twentieth century. This brief is being sponsored again by Waverly Mills and Liberty of London.

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Waverly Mills is the oldest woolen textile mill in Australia. Established in 1874, it has more than a century long tradition of creating beautiful woolen fabrics.


The 3 metre piece of 150 gsm 100% wool herringbone (which is provided to each student) has been produced from the highest quality Australian yarn and will be an integral fabric in student’s design.


The designs should focus on garments that exploit construction techniques and investigate proportion prevalent to this period. There is an expectation that students will develop a design that utilises this historical referencing, yet taps into the unique qualities of wool with a contemporary interpretation.

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Looking at the famous Liberty of London fabric archive for inspiration and direction, observe and document the stylistic qualities in the prints, taking note of the creative influences of the time (for example Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Deco etc) and how this could inform your design development process. Consider how these prints could influence your design detailing and features.

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Students will need to use a minimum of 1 metre and a maximum of 3 metres of Liberty of London fabric (in a maximum of 3 prints) in their directional fashion garment(s). There is also a requirement to create a surface treatment/ manipulation (beading, embroidery, appliqué, printing, laser cutting etc), on a part of a garment, which embodies an aspect of the Bloomsbury Garden.

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