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Indigo Workshop with Master dyer Aboubakar Fofana- June 17-19

Posted on June 6, 2015 by andrea

If you have a passion for natural dyeing and would like to learn Indigo dyeing from the master himself Aboubakar Fofana, there are still some places available in our three day workshop in our studio at Ultimo College- Sydney TAFE.

Indigo cloth hands

Dates are 17-19 June 10am-5pm each day and the cost of the course is $550. You will need to provide your own fabric samples for dyeing.  Please call to register on (02) 9217 5534. A credit card authorisation form can be downloaded here: FDS_Indigo workshop for you to complete and return to: si.fashiondesignstudio@det.nsw.edu.au

The course covers the following:

Indigo is one of the oldest and most magical of all the natural dyes.  It is the colour of the sky and the sea, and in many cultures indigo-dyed cloth is considered sacred and precious.  As we become more and more conscious of what we wear and where it comes from, plant-based, non-chemical indigo dye is experiencing a resurgence. This dyestuff is Aboubakar Fofana’s particular passion, and he has a vast store of knowledge on its provenance, usage, and of course, practical applications.

This workshop focuses on powdered indigo and setting up a fructose vat using entirely non-chemical and environmentally (and skin!) friendly techniques.  Unlike indigo leaves, powdered indigo is quite easy to source, and the fructose vat is also relatively straightforward to put together and to use.  This workshop will explain the unique chemistry of indigo, principles of setting up and caring for a fructose vat, as well as choice and preparation of the textile to be dyed. Over three days, participants will be shown how to prepare powdered indigo and how to set up the dye-vat, dye a set of samples, and work on a larger project with Aboubakar’s assistance.

This workshop will also include an introduction to simple shibori and resist-patterning techniques which are suitable for use with indigo.  Participants will come away with enough knowledge to set up their own vats and start working with indigo, as well as a deeper understanding of how indigo works and how to achieve the best colour-fast, light-fast and even results with this ancient and singular dye-stuff

More of Aboabakar’s work can be found on his website aboubakarfofana.com or via his instagram feed: @aboubakarfofana