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Diploma of Textile Design & Development


This course targets an important and high profile niche sector in the design industry, namely the artisan/designer printer who develops and prints their own designs on base cloths for a variety of end uses, including the fashion and or furnishing sectors.

The course also provides training in design skills and knowledge for people who want to develop commercial fabric print designs for local and international markets, which may be produced on a mass scale, and is for people who want to acquire and apply creative technical skills in the development of textile designs and specifications using computer based design programs to produce textile samples. The emphasis of the qualification is to develop fabric print designers, who also have some technical knowledge of the mechanics of printing fabrics.

You will learn how to create and print innovative designs for fabrics while you apply considerations of aesthetics and function, and use a range of design and fabric printing applications technology.

The course provides opportunities for experimentation in the design of textiles – structure design/surface design; producing printed textile samples for fashion and interior outcomes.

You will learn about textile fibre and fabric/materials identification and manipulation, identifying design influences and applying design elements and principles in assisting in the development of textile concepts, analysing use of colour in textiles, product design and development for specialist markets, applying technical skills in a studio or workroom context to design and produce specifications for the repeated production of textile samples using computer aided design technology, presenting the final designs and samples, and producing computer aided textile design folios.

You will be able to apply creative, technical and practical skills for employment as a textile designer working in large printing and design firms, small printing workshops, or self-employment.

This course runs for 1 year. Cert III Design Fundamentals and Cert IV Design (Fabric Design & Print) are mandatory pre-requisites for entry into the Diploma. VET STUDENT LOANS are also available to eligible students.

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